Special programming to equip and inspire CCL volunteers.


We are excited to be offering the first enrichment event for CCL volunteers since 2010! We invite all CCL volunteers to consider joining us for this conference as we will be unveiling important information about CCL’s future.

The Board of Directors and the staff Leadership team had a strategic planning retreat in December 2017 that led to the approval in early 2018 of updated CCL vision and mission statements and key organizational goals. The Leadership Team — with the input of the entire staff, volunteers and Humanae Vitae level donors — is crafting a plan that takes the League out to 2025. Once approved by the Board of Directors, this will provide a roadmap for CCL for the next seven years.

At the Volunteer Enrichment Day we will unveil to the CCL volunteer family the expanded directions we will be taking and the strategies we will launch to get there. The day will include a couple of main talks and three workshop sessions with varied topics of interest and valuable information for volunteers. Childcare will be provided for this pre-conference day as well.


Schedule - Thurs. July 5

  7:30   Mass - Bishop Michael Sheridan
  8:00   Breakfast
  9:30   Welcome 
 10:00   Main Talk - Chris Reynolds & Tom Strunck
  11:00   Main Talk - Ann Gundlach
  12:00   Lunch
   1:30       Workshops (three choices)
  2:30   Workshops (three choices)
  3:30   Workshops (three choices)
  4:30   Wrap-up and Closing - Chris Reynolds
  6:00   Volunteer Appreciation Dinner