Families, become what you are!

Celebrating Humanae Vitae as the bedrock of family life

July 6 - 7, 2018 ☀ Cincinnati

CCL Volunteer Enrichment Day - Thursday, July 5


Join CCL and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as we celebrate family life lived according to the principles of Humanae Vitae. In this year in which we mark the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's prophetic encyclical, we want to thank the Church for consistently defending God’s loving will for the family and to celebrate all the blessings that flow from it!

Inspiring Talks & Workshops

A mix of inspirational messages and practical ideas to help your family thrive.

Spanish Track

Main talks will be translated live and a Spanish language option will be offered at each workshop session.

Registración en español: Para registrarse en español, por favor llame a Silvia Schmidt al 800-745-8252, ext 1031.

Daily Mass & Adoration

Daily Mass, daily Adoration, and a closing Mass on Saturday afternoon for the Sunday obligation.

Celebrating Family

Friday Afternoon: Free Time
Friday Evening: Family Concert
Saturday Evening: Talent Show